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Turbo Tourism & Aviation LTD

About us

Turbo was established in 1998 with the purpose of introducing Korean Air & China Southern Airlines to the vibrant Israeli outgoing market.
Turbo, through its vast knowledge and experience of the aviation, tourism and cargo markets to and from Israel, has positioned these airlines to profitably operate online services to Israel (Korean Air has been online services since 2008).

The founder of Turbo Mr. Simi Seidenman had been working for 20 years for ELAL (Israeli airlines) with his last position as the airline CEO in Asia and opening the airlines first route / flights to Asia. 

After 20 years in ELAL, Mr. Seidenman decided on a new path and represented Air Canada in Israel. From a start of just a few weekly flights to a position of 7 weekly flights. Today, Air Canada is one of Israel’s most popular airlines.
In 1998, Mr. Seidenman founded Turbo with the goal of enabling easier access to Asia. This resulted in the connection to Korean Air and China Southern Airlines which remain to this day partners of Turbo.

Our long lasting contracts with both Korean Air and China Southern are proof of our ability and understanding of our clients.
Since 2009 Mr. Seidenman son Daniel Seidenman, has joined the company and has taken over major responsibilities of management and marketing.

Israel is a very unique market for the airline industry. Even with a small population of only 8 million people the volume of air traffic is extremely large due to the high demand for Israeli products worldwide and for the Israeli public desire for travel around the world.

Even though the market is thriving it does come with its problems.

  • The culture differences between Israel and other countries may sometimes block or create difficulties.
  • The security problems that Israel experiences are a reality that foreigners and foreign airlines are not used.

As an airline GSA in Israel we have the expertise and knowhow of how to deal with both worlds. We adopt the airlines full spirit and business culture and translate it to our market.

Using the service of an airline GSA in Israel has become more accepted over the years and more airlines make the transition to a GSA or keep their GSA in Israel to deal with the market in Israel.

Turbos management and employees are veterans of the Israeli aviation and tourism industry with many years of experience and knowledge.

Turbo as a GSA company deeply understands and recognizes the specific needs of the Israeli flying consumers making sure that these very unique requirements are well meet by its airlines.

Turbo Tourism & Aviation LTD

Our Clients

Our service

Vision of service

Being a GSA is much more than just representing an airline. It’s adopting the full spirit and culture of each airline we represent.
It’s the understanding that each partner we have, comes from a different country and culture each with its unique requirements.
To achieve all of this we offer:

A unique identity for the airline with dedicated phone, email & staff.

Reservations & ticketing (call centre services outbound, inbound passengers, assistance to travel agents, etc.)

Sales (sales calls, contracts, seminars, etc.)

Marketing services (business plans, sales proposals, newsletters etc.)

Accounting (full services for BSP sales, direct sales, etc.)

Advertising services (printed & advertising, web design, etc.)